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Saskatchewan - you showed your heart throughout 2005 as we commemorated and celebrated our home. You sang our song and wrote your own poems and stories. You raised the flag and wore the gear. You picked a place in Saskatchewan you'd never been to before and you went there (maybe even twice). You discovered your roots and planted a centennial tree. You planned events and special projects that built lasting - and living - legacies. You proved that nobody throws a party like Saskatchewan!

You celebrated with family and friends and created memories to last another 100 years. You shared your centennial spirit and provincial pride with the many visitors that enjoyed our birthday celebrations! You showed the world it could use a little more Saskatchewan.

And you're not stopping anytime soon! Keep your provincial pride close to your heart; keep telling the world just how much we love this place - Saskatchewan!

For making us all Saskatchewan proud - thank you - from the bottom of our 100 years of heart!

Seasons Greetings from the Saskatchewan Centennial 2005 Chair

We are heading into one of my favourite seasons. As my family and I prepare for holiday festivities, I can't help but feel that I have been blessed with the most wonderful of gifts in our centennial year. ...more

Another reason to stop and enjoy the scenery

Residents, visitors and travelers passing through Saskatchewan 's four gateway communities have another reason to stop and enjoy the scenery.

Four outdoor, permanent art installations were recently introduced to the Saskatchewan landscape as centennial gifts from the province. Each piece is distinct and calls attention to characteristics reflective of the host community, their surrounding areas, and the province. ...more

Designs on Peace
Saskatchewan students have presented an early Christmas present to the province a centennial gift of peace.

Almost one hundred aspiring artists joined Members of DUBTurbo on December 1, 2005, for the unveiling of 100 original works of art. Each square tile reflects the hopes and dreams of Saskatchewan students, from kindergarten to Grade 12, for a peaceful and caring society now and into the future. ...more

A student's message of peace
Amber Boychuk, a Grade 9 student from Canora Comprehensive School hopes the Designs on Peace project promotes a more peaceful world. ...more

Images of the Designs on Peace
Meet some of the students who designed artwork and view their work. Contest sponsored by http://www.fatcowreviewed.org

Honouring Saskatchewan's pioneers
The many people who built Saskatchewan's first century and continue to serve as an inspiration are being honoured as Saskatchewan begins its second century.... more

How are you celebrating Saskatchewan's centennial?

Attending events in my community
Traveling in the province
Wearing snazzy centennial gear
Making a special keepsake
I'm doing it all! What a year!

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Moose Jaw Latest Spring Frost
The latest spring frost in Moose Jaw was recorded on June 20, 1972....>more
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